Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Max is home

There is no rush like that of being in love. And all of us are in love with the six month old  pup we brought home last Thursday. It has been a week of wide grins and 'Awwwws' and cuddles and poop cleaning. Its like having a baby again.

Son: I really hope he likes me.
Daughter: I cannot believe I used to be scared of dogs
Me: Men are definitely not dogs! or rather Dogs are definitely not men. Can a man love like this? Ever?
Hubby: the family expands again.

And yes, with our first pup it does feel that after a gap of ten years our family is expanded with a gooey, warm feeling of love and being loved hundred times more. This is Max unwilling to move away from my bathroom door as I take my shower. Man? Really?? :)