Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't I love Tags!!

Hey Guys,

I am Soumya, you can call me that's the name I prefer, it goes perfectly with my personality. I am here to do the tag that mom was supposed to take up ages ago. She was tagged by numerounity. But being the way she is, she suddenly started hyperventilating about tags and awards and how over whelmed she felt, and also how depressed. I don't think any of it is true though, I think she's just run out of ideas, or she's just plain lazy, or its a combination of both. But she can't possibly say that to me now, can she? So before she goes into one of her crabby moods and sulks the day off, I thought I would oblige and be the man, and help her out of her predicament. Well, its not all about her, I too was just waiting to lay my hands on her blog, and this tag sure looks interesting.

I love to travel, unlike her who's just too obviously rooted. I like TV a lot(you see I just have that and an hour on the computer..I am sure she would have told you all about how bad I am at reading, and sitting still, and all that). She has probably lived in more places than me, she keeps ranting about how uprooted she felt each time she moved, but I like to be on the move, I would love to go and live in all kinds of places, pssst my sister is just like her, too much of inertia in the both of them!! I have a huge list of favourite foods too, am not married so mamma's food is not the best for me yet!! I have a long long time to think about death, so that list is also a bit far fetched, but still would attempt. And movies wow!! There is a bunch of movies I can watch time and again.

So guys, it is my pleasure to be doing this tag on her behalf. And I can just about see the beginnings of a smile forming on her lips. The hug and the kiss will follow soon. She is nutty and has terrible mood swings, and all of that stuff that I don't understand.. but all in all shes one hell of a mom!!

Lets rock Guys!! here's my list of fours..

Four places you have lived

  1. Pune, India: I was born there in 2002. I started my life in that city, my first of everything is there, and am glad the house is still retained with all the firsts nicely recorded in a collage just above my bed. The first smile, the first steps, and a whole lot of such silly get the idea don't you?
  2. Muscat, Oman: I still remember the day I was hauled into that flight along with mom and sis. I was a pain and she didn't quite know what to do to make me stop howling. She was as it is, drained off with all that luggage and all the passport and visa formalities, and those tears that flowed endlessly as she left the Mumbai airport for an unknown shore. My sister was all quiet and trying her best to help out.. she is such a 'people pleaser'. I would have loved her a bit more had she joined me in that bawling session. It would have been so much more fun!! I started school here, and learnt to ride my bike here and I learnt to swim here and play the keyboard.. so lots of firsts here as well though no collage, they don't have the enthusiasm any more, I think.
  3. Calcutta, India: See guys, I am too young to have lived in more places, and what with my mom taking a stand of not moving anymore, so I have theoretically just lived in Pune and Muscat. But my winter vacations are always in Calcutta, so its in this list. I love this city, its dirty, and people scream, and there are cows and dogs on the road, there are men selling very interesting stuff in a nice sing song voice in the afternoons. When the entire house is napping, I love to stand on the window sill and call out to them, they even come and give me their stuff, a lollipop, an ice lolly, a toy car sometimes, they laugh a lot and they don't ask for money, I think they take it from my grandma later. I love the puddles and the fishes in the market, I love my walk with my grandfather to the temple every evening. I love the delicious snacks my granny makes, unlike my mom who keeps stuffing cornflakes into my mouth day in and day out. I love Calcutta, I am the king there.
  4. I think I will come back to this later in my life..
Four TV shows you love to watch
If you insist on four..I will comply, but there are so many shows that I love to watch, I love to switch channels the moment I see my sister enjoying a show, I love to listen to the songs of the latest films, I love to do the 'phatak' dance from the film kaminey, while channel V shows it..and I watch tom & Jerry when dad is home!I love to switch channels just for the heck of it, and especially if I know that its annoying my sister..
  1. Shinchan and Marukochan : My mom wants me to watch backyard science and MAD..phew!!let the guy have some fun!!
  2. Ben Ten series: I love the gadgets this guy has, I am so impressed!!
  3. Popeye the sailor : For his muscles and the pipe.
  4. Krishna and Bheema : Are my favourites too, as I can relate with the stories I have heard about them.
Four places you have been on vacation

WOW!! I love everything about vacations, including the flight, however long. The food served, the toys given, the videos played. I just love the flights. Vacations also mean no studies, they mean seeing a new place, they mean lots of ice creams and pizzas and stuff like that, basically lots of food which is not made by mom.

  1. London: I watched the lion King on broad way and was blown over by it. I will always remember London as the city of broad way, and also the wax museum with Shahrukh khan.
  2. Egypt: I loved our guide there, his name was Ramses and he was a lot of fun, he danced and sang and said many stories about the pharaohs and the Gods of Egypt. I wasn't thrilled by the ruins that seemed to move my mom so much, could not understand her fascination for the wrecked temples and pillars, but I loved the cruise over the Nile. I drove a horse carriage in Egypt and made sure that my sister clicked a picture while I was driving it!
  3. Dubai: I love this city. Its my kind of place, its active, its glamorous, its fun and its hep. fast cars and shiny buildings. The best being the water park called Wild wadi, I could spend a lot of days in that park. By the way, my sister liked the museum.. you are getting the point aren't you?
  4. Switzerland: Mom has ranted about the place here I can see, so wont go into railways and waste disposal..why does she think of stuff like that? When there is snowfall to talk about and cows with bells and gelatos and cakes, and breads that are so soft they melt in your mouth..there's lindt and there's spriglis, there's chocolate everywhere and lakes and swans and so much else, there's the exciting rope ways too and the pretty stores selling cute dolls. I love dolls period!!

Four of your favorite foods:

Whatever she might have told you, my mom is not a good cook. I love her very much but I would rather, she didn't go to the kitchen unless to make her coffee. We had a cook for a while, that was a great thing! But now he is not there and I am back to eating regular, boring my list of favourites is quite limitless. I will control and keep them to four here

  1. Burgers: I love McDonalds for their Maharaja Mac and the fries and the coke. Nothing can be more satiating.
  2. Ice creams and fudges: I love the scoops to be mixed and the toppings added right as per my choice and in front of me, I try and make it so wacky that my sister cannot share it with me, I get to have the entire thing by myself.
  3. Chicken: In all varieties, except the stew mom makes at home.
  4. Rice: I love a plate of hot steaming rice with a dollop of butter on it, a hard boiled egg and a potato all mushy. that's one dish my mom makes frequently, she does it because its so easy and quick. However she positions it as a treat for us. ok ok am not complaining, I love this dish!!

Four places you would rather be:

  1. I would rather be home than at school.
  2. I would rather be at a park than indoors.
  3. I would rather be in the pool than studying.
  4. I would rather be at my friend's house than in my singing class.
Thats the best I can think of right now.

Four movies you can see over and over again:

I love to watch all kinds of movies. I am not allowed to that's a different matter, but I try my best to watch as many as possible.

  1. All Govinda movies for his dance and his expressions.
  2. High School Musical all the parts, I admit I fought with my sister when she got that home from the library instead of a Pokemon that I was crying out for, but I caught on to the movie, I love the songs and I love the dresses and the girls. My friends don't know that I watch these movies, they tend to tease me saying I like girly stuff, and my sister at times when she is wicked, blackmails me about this. Nobody lets a poor guy be!!
  3. Spider man I love Parker. He is my hero.
  4. Harry Potter for the magic!!

Four things u hope to do before you die:

Thats a bit too far for me, but I have dreams, ever changing dreams..

  1. I want to own a bike!
  2. I want to fly a fighter plane!
  3. I want to walk the ramp as a designer!
  4. I want to own a red sports car!

I had a lot of fun doing this guys, hope you all have the patience to read through this. please keep the comments coming. Theyswing my mom's mood favourably. I might have ranted about her a bit.. but end of the day.. I just plain love her!

Will see you all again someday, maybe when mom's a bit tied up(read out of ideas)!! Rock on guys! Adieu!!


ZB said...

Hi, Soumya, It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. you reminded me of my childhood. Though i wasnt half as brainy as you are at this age. (Not that i am now, its a different matter, not worth mentioning.hehe.)

Your love for Calcutta makes me go there. I shall, god willing, inshallah

keep the good work. Hope to see a complete post from you. TC and study well. ciao. :))

Aparna said...

Hi Soumya, nice to meet you!
Can you please upload a video of you dancing the 'phatak' song on youtube? I would love to watch it. You go for singing lessons? Tell your mom to chill. Whats wrong with her?

And please ignore ZB uncle's advice about studying well. Dress designing is a better option than studying engineering.Your mom and all your mashis have had it with the IITians, ok? Stay away from it, NIFT is better.
And will you please tell your mom to remove this awful word verification? It is a pain.

Gayathri said...

hi was so much a pleasure meeting you..and it was even more interesting knowing you in detail.. :) are so witty,you kept me overlook the full stops continuously..and my cousins tells you their 'hi' too,who said 'ditto ditto' to every thing that you told..they being from dubai and muscat too :)
btw,read at least tinkle na?? ;) least give ur sis some time to watch all those girly movies :D..

Zeba said...

cho chewt. Such a burden off mommy!!

Kavi said...

That was a wonderful tag ! Tagging on to mamma is indeed lovely ! And you seem to be one heck of a Bond !

Nice meeting you. Ms.Bond ! May the world just not be enough for you ! May you have wonderful eyes and new sights to see ! Forever.

mathew said... was nice to see a different version of this tag...the list of us oldies are so predictable!;-D

R. Ramesh said...

very interesting..enjoyed reading..

R. Ramesh said...

very interesting..enjoyed reading..

SJ said...

LOL @ Aparna!!
But ya I do agree with her a video of you dancing and singing would be awesome to watch! Ask Momma to load no?

Can you pleasee please post some pictures of Egypt?

kavita said...

Soumya..its a pleasure meeting last i met someone who likes GOVINDA movies just as i do,Kolkatta is a great place and i like it for its great roadside -food shops and Kalibari mandir,i have a Sinchan fan in my house too ....oh !you are a tag expert...give my love to your sister and for you muaahhhhhhh..

Nazish Rahman said...

Hii Soumya...nice to meet u!!!
Even used to irritate my sis and watch 3 movies at time by changing the channels.

Hey Calcutta is not that dirty, m from calcutta too, ya its a bit noisy i agree .
What u like in that song of!!!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh my goodness. This is SOOOO cute! You've given me a big smile today. And what a way to do a tag...I think I'll be calling on my three little ones in the future, too! Woohoo!

Hugs to you!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Soumya,

U R one cool dude! Well-travelled, multi-talented (singing/swimming/designing) and considerate (look at how you did ma's tag, and how nicely you eat her boiled-egg-and-rice stuff). Now if you only started liking the chicken stew she makes!

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Vow! That’s superb. I just love the novelty of it. Brilliantly done tag, highly creative.

Updates are not shown sometimes, I don’t know why. Only now I could read the other post. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. The concept of weekend activities has changed a lot. For our generation it was reading all those Amarchithrakathas and playing with the neighbourhood kids. Now even TV is kind of an outdated thing. A couple of weeks back I had been to a colleague’s home. On Sunday evening the kids make it a point to be taken to a game zone in a nearby mall. Nowadays, if kids don’t read anything other than what’s in their syllabus it’s no wonder, if they do that’s really one. It’s not that better-than-thou attitude towards younger generation, perhaps they are a lot better in many aspects. I think kids these days are more practical and they can do a lot of things on their own.

Destiny's child... said...

That was super sweet soumy! :)

bluebird said...

Hi Bond

Like mommy, Like Son I'd say

Way to go, sir!


Deeps said...

Soumya,I had tons of fun reading this.And please ask your mom if I can adopt least till she learns how to cook???I promise you'll have great fun with Namnam and I'll let you groove to 'phatak'as much as you want.and yes I have the whole series of Harry Potter too?

Do try and persuade your ma.
It was a pleasure meeting you,soumya :))

Deeps said...

soumya,please ask your ma to give you my share of Hug & kiss too :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Soumya,

Nice to read about you! My daughter likes High School Musical too.So does my son, but he will NEVER admit it either though. :) You are an amazing kid. All the best to you dear! Hope to read more from you soon.

Bhavya.B said...

Hi Soumya, had read a lot about you ...Nice to meet you.Hope you 'll show up yourself often....

sujata said...

Thanks everybody for all the lovely comments, what van I say, the smile on mom's face is full and I have a feeling, I will get away without doing the homework today!!

The phatak dance is my fav these days, will tell the sis to capture some moments and will tell mom to upload on the blog..

There is a post on Egypt with a few pictures..heres the link..

I would love to go to you Deeps sure Namnam and I together can manage to throw you off your rockers..

BK Chowla said...

Dear Soumya.I liked reading this lovely post even though it is slightly longish.

Deeps said...

then hop over to Doha,sweetheart..Namnam will be glad to have you over. we're not that far from you :))
bring your ma along too so that this auntie can take her for a ride with her newly aquired driving skill ;))

Shivi said...

Hey Soumya ...u wanna be a designer??? OMG!!! really, is it? Be a little big boy and come to India and I can give you some coaching :)... nice to know someone walking on my path he he :D

Sumandebray said...

Soumyo Boy!
You are a Kool guy! I liked your choices.. You are the Man!
Owning a Airplane ... a RED sports car and walk the ramp with two models on either side.
You are reaching there...
BTW ... me too surviving on that mashed potato + boiled egg diet.. it just tastes great!
Govinda .. we use to have Govinda week once upon a time, every day after work we used to watch a Govinda movie…
Soumyo .. you ROCK!

eye-in-sty-in said...

Govinda movies, jet planes, swiss chocs and ramp models - rock on dude!! :-)

Meira said...

Hey Soumya..that was a nicely done tag. Good you are getting into blogging. It's fun, and you can make a lot of friends too ( too bad most of us are old aunties and uncles)

Rush said...

Soumya reminds me of Carter, i spend the weekend wit a four year old and he totally amazed me with his knowledge...

Soumya sounds super cool...i love ur tag soumya, and i wish that u make more appearances than mommy dear..coz i find u more interesting..watsay?
gime a hi-five dude.

numerounity said...

Wow that was such a wonderful way to respond. Little Soumya did more than justice...umaaaah! from numerounity aunty :)

R. Ramesh said...

hey anytime yaar...just dont bluff..tell your hubby to drive..i am waiting to receive yr family in sharjah with wonderful bangalorean coffee..ya..this coffee brand from blore is wonderful..i swear u wont regret the trip...happy i am your only tamilian friend..i ll introduce a huge number of my bong

Spike said...

Since you love tags so mycn, here is one more :-)) You have been tagged
Either you or your mom can do it.. perhaps both?

Gymnast said...

hey soumya, You make me smile. Do take over your mom's blog more often.

Babli said...

Darun laglo. Khubi sundor r interesting way te likhechho. Gubbu ke khub mishti lagchhe. Or shei mishti mishti kothagulo khub mone hoy. Besh lomba hoye gechhe Gubbu. Oke amar onek onek ador o bhalobasha dio.

Kaddu said...

It was fun meeting Soumya - the Bond! Still got to meet the Mom though. Will come back for more! Cheers!

Aparna said...

You know what hyperventilating means? I am impressed! So why does your mom worry about your spellings and vocabulary? She is one crazy woman. You come to Mumbai, I will raise you.
And please tell your didi that Ishitadidi is saving all her Meg Cabots and Judy Blume for her. And Ayushi is saving all her barbies for you.
BTW, your mom has still not removed the word verification. She is not only crazy, she is also lazy.
Mmmuah. Mashi.

sujata said...

mashi I know all the stuff you and ma keep such word is hyperventilate!! you both do this couple of times everyday!! Thanks ayushi for the barbies..for the books my sis will to have to thank..I dont do stuff for her!! I would love to come and live with you..muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my rocking mashi

R. Ramesh said...

how cleverly u avoid the subject..will wait at the sharjah road to receive yr fmly on saturday (heythat's my off day) is getting ready..reach before it gets cold..and aparna was mentioning abt your journalistic experiences.will be glad if u share some news on that..

Pesto Sauce said...

Thats really cute...good your daughter has been to so many places at this age

Rajesh said...

That is pretty exhaustive list. Beautiful.

R. Ramesh said...

OMG so many reports u have not been paid for...very unfair yar..feel sad bec i know how one feels n such situatin..sujata, i wrote a major piece for a delhi business mag..know what? they want pan card, this number that number..OMG...i am still wrangling..hey dont wait for your licence...tell yr hubby..anywy he is so scared of u he will bunk 3 days easily..haha..hey dont tell him i told u this..he will kill me even if it is real haha..chal waiting to c u all.. and dont book a hotel..

ani_aset said...

Soumya dude you are on your way to be a good dancer why fly planes ;)
You look so much like Macauly culkin :D

Protege said...

What great take on a tag.;))
I too love Switzerland as my sister lives there.;))
Thank you so much for stopping by my place; you have a lovely blog.;)

R. Ramesh said...


Baron's Life said...

This is a very nice post and very well written..a lot of thought must have gone into it...pleasure to read it...thanks for sharing

prithvi said...

Mr. Bond excellent choices, you do really complement your name with your choice.........well written :)

Aw.S.M said...

hey hey hey soumya....hi 5 for potter spidey and ben ten(shhh...dont tell any1..ruins the image u see:D).

U gotta see the wax statue of srk..boy am i jealous of u abt sending me pics?..oh and a maharaja mac we have things in common or wat...if u werent this super good looking and so damn young..we mightve been the same person :P....

btw do tell ur mom that i m not upto any mischief and i m taking care of myself and keeping myself away from the ladies...:)


R. Ramesh said...

hey friend where r u? take care best wishes

R. Ramesh said...

Su..first congrats yar..ya..plz c to it that they pay for your hard least a dozen friends of mine have lost jobs in the media recently..sad..good u got a pursue it..but be firm on payment..meanwhile, here's my cv..hehe..:)

Oc said...

so sweet baby!!

deeps said...

thats a typical Bond style ...
will add 007 later though ...

thats a lot places you have visited and done at your age i must say ....

i wonder how many get to do such things !!
just be thankful to God and give a tight hug to ur mom

Anonymous said...

How nice to meet you! You are well traveled! I have only been to London on your list, but hope to see as much as yours I have. My favorite line from this piece is "my first of everything is there"...How very perfectly stated!

The Survivor said...

That was nice to do a tag on behalf!!

Anonymous said...


Hema said...

Hi Sowmya.. that was an interesting tag indeed.. Good job!

Nona said...

This is what happens when you have online friends. You really do not know where to leave messages. There are no voicemails! :)

I accidentally rejected your comments on my blog. (Happens when you are doing multiple things at the same time!). I (re)confirm it was a mistake from my side. Apologies

R. Ramesh said...

blog world in distress. su not spotted for quite some time..

Indrani said...

Great one, Sujata.
So nice t have related it all through your son's point of view. Enjoyed reading all of it. :)

Kishore Choudhary said...

सोम्य, आप तो बहुत ही खूबसूरत होने के साथ स्मार्ट और बुद्धिमान भी हो. मुझे आपका टेग बहुत पसंद आया.

Sakshi said...

It's a pleasure meeting you Soumya. It's so nice of your mom to give her space to you to write. I am afraid I would not be that kind enough with my son as I am sure he will end up writing about the different models of cars.

Lolz hope when you get married you will find your wife's food the best in the world or you might be in serious trouble ;).

You don't watch Spongebob?? Thank god for that. I can't figure out how all those things live in the sea and manage to make crabby patty all the time on a stove??

You love dolls? hmmm I think you are already on your way to steal the hearts of girls....

Psst psst...I am hoping ur mom runs out of idea pretty frequently ;)