Thursday, April 22, 2010

The giving tree

I am sharing a free verse written by Toshali for Earth day.

Oh, giving tree!

Why do you give us shelter

When we burn your leaves?

Why do you give us fruits

When we waste more than we eat?

Why do you give us wood

When we burn it for luxury?

If I were you, giving tree,

I would have emptied my branches of leaves

When these men came looking for shelter,

I would have become un-reachable

To hands that wasted my fruits,

I would have become as hard as a rock

To the wood cutter's axe.

Oh, kind giving tree,

You give us shelter,

You give us fruits,

You let us kill you for our luxury!

So friends remember,

If you cut one tree

Plant two more.

For the new readers, Toshali is my 10 year old daughter.


kavita said...

How beautiful and thought provoking and inspiring...even a ten year old kid knows that we adults are not being nice to Mother Earth.With kids like you ever day is going to be an Earth day.Me and my kids too planted few saplings in our little garden at home. Toshali ,your poetry is momma,like daughter.

The header is great Sujata.

Aparna said...

What earth day? When? Where?

In my neighbourhood the builder is planting more highrises, and a tiny stretch of dried grass is being passed of as garden. The heat is unbearable, there is 30% water cut in the city and we are constantly switching on the A/C to cool ourselves. If your super talented daughter is actually writing poetry on earth day then it is kudos to your upbringing and her sensitive nature. Because the rest of the world does not seem to care anymore.

indranil said...

very sensitive very touching and very very unusual a creation for a gulf bred kid. staying in an attrociously consumerist part of the planet, this comesa breath of fresh air. just by going though her lines i have contributed my part on the ocassion of earh day.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

It’s great to see such sensitivity and awareness among the little ones. It’s quite important as well, for they are the ones who can really make a difference.

“ So friends remember,

If you cut one tree

Plant two more.”

अनिल कान्त : said...

Bahut bahut achchhi kavita likhi hai...

Jagrukta paida karti hai


Destiny's child... said...

Coming from a 10 year old, this poem just proves that the future is not all that bleak...there's hope...
Kudos to Toshali! :)

nsiyer said...

Awesome Sujata. Environment and its conservation is the order of the day if all of us need to have a tomorrow.

Suraj said...

Toshali ! Its great great to know that a little girl like you have such great thoughts i always thought that the new generation was all about fashion and mobiles, you correct me!

I will for sure plant 2 trees when i go home !

The Holy Lama said...

An inspired piece from Toshali. Hope it inspires others especially the advice to plant more trees.

Shivi said...

Toshali Rocks! :D

Sorcerer said...

Very thought provoking lines

I remember one quote by Paulo Coelho.

"Save the planet? Planet must be saying, "Save yourself idiots"
its high time we do our part and save whats left

sujata said...

@kavita aunty thank you

@ bulbul mashi 22nd April!our generation might be a little more smarter than yours and mom's...don't u think??

@ indranil uncle thank you ,misha didi ke niye amader bari ashbe to?

@ arun uncle thank you

@ anil uncle dhanyavad

@ destiny's child i am turning 11 this november!

@ n s iyer uncle you got that right...

@suraj uncle i want a mobile...what seeds did you plant??

@ holy lama here,in muscat,through the indian embassy every independence day and earth day school children plant neem and mango saplings.

@ shivi didi thank you :)

@sorcerer that's a great quote

R. Ramesh said...

perfect message...perfect timing...perfect writer...perfect friend..:)

Bhavya.B said...

Should say she got those genes from her mom .Beautiful.Kudos Thoshali .

R. Ramesh said...

Suuuu...thanks a tonne ya:)

Balachandran V said...

Do convey my warm regards and affection to Toshali. It is one of the best tree poems I have read.

ZB said...

Good one. We need to do something, its already showing badly on the climate. see the heat. Damn. Lord save the earth. Govt should ban the conversion of agricultural land to factories and estates.

what will we eat if there are no farms, and only factories and manufacturing plants?I guess only option would be genetically manufactured food sources......Sad, i hope my daughter's , sons, daughters, daughters daughters son is still able to live on this planet.

Sumandebray said...

well said Toshalli.
Wastage is what we need to watch out.
The future of this planet lies in the hands of your generation.

arvind said...

who said the tree nver loves us..
it always loves us - as there exist reciprocal relation..
she gave oxygen and we gave her carbon..

don't worry too much abt the fruits..
the tree packed its seed - very nicely and marketed that as fruit..
if u eat and threw away its seed - some where - half the work done through.. perfect marketing..

Toshali - just enjoy the tree..
whenever chances - touch its leaves, touch its stems - it may love u too..

nice one..

sujata said...

I am thanking everyone on behalf of toshali, this time, as she is a bit caught up in the numerous school projects. All your love and wishes will be conveyed to her. Thank you all once again for appreciating her efforts!

Kavi said...

Fantastic. And extremely lovely to see this being penned by her! :)

Mother Earth is humouring us all. I hope she has some humour left in her for a long while to come !

Brilliant work. My special congratulations !

RGB said...

When you see plenty, you take it for granted that there'll always be plenty. Soon green plains will turn deserts and then we'll think of strange ways to try and make it green again. Thoshali, your simple yet thought-provoking poem got us all thinking again! Thank you.

deeps said...

That’s so greeny…
So nice and creative of you to have come up with this one….
Nice liens…

Anonymous said...

Lovely poetry...very apt for the day. I like what you do with your blog design each time..Nice..

R. Ramesh said...

sujata..hi....thanks for continuing to motivate us...keep the cheers friend n wishes to yr fmly..:)

Gayathri said...

Very thoughtful of a girl of her age when even we adults dont seem to give a damn abt it..

Anonymous said...

Aww!! Thats really so thoughtful of your daughter! And the best part is that she has made a rhyming poem out of it :) A pat and kiss to her from me :)

R. Ramesh said...

struggling to comment here..dunno y..what tech hitch.anywy..cheers

R. Ramesh said... it got posted easily...OK..thanks Sujata..really nice of u..for your kind wishes:)

R. Ramesh said...

Suuuu..thanks again ya..:)

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Bikram said...

beautiful.. i guess like mother - like daughter then .. no wonder she writes as goood ..

God bless her

I hope the kids grow up admiring and respecting our beloved EARTH cause we have not done good to it .. Look at the way it is now ..

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and timely poem.^^

deeps said...

it s always rewarding as well as tirsome and irritating to travel by bus in india...experinces vary of course...
just put down my expriencce there ..

Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...


R. Ramesh said...

vallah what a traditional wishes friend:)

joyeeta said...

very good and sensitive.
...... chip of the old block????