Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scribbles from 'Away Land'


Blows are defeated on weathered shoulders
Yet a look can kill;
When you have always roughed the sea
Does sighting of a shore heal?

Plight and penury often go unnoticed
It is fortitude that steals-
My heart that is wounded so often
Just takes a moment to heal.


Some bonds break with the lash of a whip
Some with clangs of  metallic chains
Some, on the other hand, give away
like silken threads
But what of the pain..
Isn't it always the same?

Hey all,

A long break, a sudden return, two 'definitely not-happy-poems'.. Can I predict where your mind is going?

Nothing drastic has happened this side of the world dear friends, apart from the once-in-a-while-kicks from Aparna. I am still the same woman married to the same guy and mothering the same two kids. No additions and no deletions in the family side of things, apart from those 'kicks', that is.

The mind... well that has always been another ball game!

In case any of you wondered, the header image is from a beautiful island in Oman called Musandam. The birds go by the name of Cormorants.


Balachandran V said...

Whew! Sujata, it has been quite a long time! You have been missed, you know. Don't do it again, please. We are as alive as you are, and as real.

Glad to know you're back. Perhaps one day you'll tell us why you took such a long break from blogworld.

I missed you and your family and Dubai!

The second poem on pain - I've been thinking on devising an instrument to measure pain...

PS; In case my comment comes out as 'ANONYMOUS', this is Balan, mytravelsmylife...

anilkurup said...

Umm though you took a long hiatus from Blogs, the lines you penned in the post speaks of a more chastened mind- a kind of reflection and enlightenment perhaps!

kavita said...

Hmmm ...look who is back!Welcome!

sujata said...

@Balan: Pain felt is debatable as it depends on individual threshold, but pain inflicted should be quantifiable. Keep me posted on the instrument :)

@Anil: 'chastened' I wouldn't say, but older by two years I am :)

@Kavita: who's that girl!! Whoa Kavita you look amazing. Thanks for hopping by.

R. Ramesh said...

sujataaaaaaaaaaaa:) is that uuuuu?? nice 2 c ya back in u do the vanishing trick again, v will ask blogger to...(wont say more)..cheers n wishes

SG said...

Welcome back after the break. We all need these breaks once in a while, sometimes these turn out to be longer than planned. I loved both the poems. Healing the heart.. thats a tricky thing. Sometimes it feels like it was healed in a moment, yet sometimes the hurt resurfaces after years.. the pain is the same :(

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, were you in Muscat or touring?

Pesto Sauce

Indrani said...

Happy ones will follow I am sure. :)

numerounity said...

Hey nice ones...Good to see u back! :)

Sumandebray said...

Hey .. good to see you back...
that was quite a sizeable winter break!
Its not only you .. most of the bloggers I was following went into hibernation last winter