Thursday, September 10, 2009

Faxes, awards et al..

What does a slow and sluggish and a bit of a dimwit female on the wrong side of 30 do when she's offered a job? She says "Naah, I am to comfortable to do a job at this old age. what about my late mornings? what about my chats with Aparna? what about my blogging?and most importantly what about the money that this same industry didnt pay me when I worked the last time for them?" And that's what I said "Naah, not interested" and went back to the hot romance I was reading.

The offer is good though (if it does materialize at the end of the month into cash). Hours are good too, just the mornings, and the work is editorial which is damn good, coz I love to write and research on stuff, so I turn around for a bit on the bed and do some head scratching, and think about the kids, who come home only by 2:00 in the afternoon, I do some nail biting too and then finally get up and call my friend. There's a green signal from him, and then there is a"way to go" from Aparna, and suddenly I am quite upbeat about the whole thing, I actually go and get a head massage and a facial done..whoa!!

So I am in office the first day, it feels good to be working after a gap of more than 13 years. Yes it does, the boss comes around and says there's a package enhancement for you, just have to help with some admin work as well(alarm bells start to blare real loud now, I can also see the warning reds and the skull signs). This is how the conversation goes

Boss: "Hey welcome on board."

Me: "Thank you"

Boss: "You are in a lucky frame, your package has been enhanced, you would just have to do a bit of admin work as well."

Me : (alarm bells are blaring)"Admin work!! I am not sure, not at all sure!"

Boss: "Hey don't put a tag of admin per se, see its a start up company, we are just doing everything ourselves as of now, Its not a big outfit, there's hardly any admin work apart from some filing and correspondence, am sure you will be able to do it just fine."

Me: "I am very disorganized(read I am a mess)"

Boss: "We are there to help each other"

Me: "I cant stay a minute beyond 12:30"

Boss: "Yah yah yah I know, you have made that perfectly clear"

Me: "Okay lets do it then"(am having a bad frown during this entire conversation)

So I go to my workstation, start the PC and am ready to roll. Here I am comfortable, this is my core competence(hmm the lingo is coming back!) I make a time sheet and start my work for the upcoming annual publication. All goes fine till....

Boss: "Here are a few letter I have written, you will have to coordinate a bit so that we can meet these guys the coming week and have the interviews ready. Just fax them all before leaving today."

Me: "eeeeeeeeow"( fax sounds like such a male thing. And like all males I have to chk it out first.)

I go over to the Hp fax-copier-scanner object lying so very elegantly in the corner. Looks devilishly innocent. Nothing like the fax machine I knew 13 years back. I hate technology and the way things get updated/outdated here. The manual is in french(heaven knows why?) Being a female and so always ready to ask for directions I ask the boss how to fax, he is as clueless as me.. he always had somebody to do it for him he says. Hahahah he's so mistaken about me. So I take a look at the manual again, it shows a glass and for the life of me I cannot see a bloody glass anywhere on that machine. So this is a conversation I am having on the phone to help me use the fax

Me: "Hi! are you free right now? I need you to guide me through this fax machine, I have to send a couple of faxes"

He: "Okay, so you see a fax machine in front of you"(must have said God forbid!!)

Me: "Yah, I see that"(cursing my luck and swallowing my pride)

He: "You have to put the letterhead face down and allign it to the glass surface to the bottom left corner, are you able to do that?"

Me: (Thinking where the hell is the glass?)saying,"umm hmm ok"

He: "Dial the number now"

Me: "Where is the glass?"( A deeper gulp and a bigger chunk of the pride goes down)

He: "What?"

Me: "The glass.."

He: "OHOHOH..the glass, there's a hinge from where the machine lifts up there's a glass inside"(I can see the smirk so clearly now)

Me: (admiring the devil of a machine and looking from where to tear it apart so that the glass is finally visible)

Wonder of wonders, like the magical cave of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves the machine comes apart to bare a polished glass surface to me, Its actually a wow moment for me, and I take a deep breath and cherish this. After that its fairly simple and the faxes get sent. Eureka!! there's no end to learning is there? Even at my old age huh!!

So amidst the major core competence of writing and the minor pitfalls of admin work, the job has completed 2 weeks and must say I am quite enjoying it. There are wow moments almost everyday, there are busy friends who stop in their tracks to reach out and help, there are the kids who look proud that their momma is working like most of their friend's moms, there's a part of me feeling like a kid and a part of me that's wondering deeply about all the people who find time to be online from work, to chat and blog to do so many things and still work!! That's way beyond the comprehensive powers of a dimwit over 30, lazy and sluggish female who is happy to have sent her faxes well! But inspiring never the less...

So am passing on a few awards that I got recently to people who multitask from office and do it successfully!

To Nona, Ramesh, Kavi and Spike I pass on the Inspiration award

To Sakshi, SJ, Rush and Deeps and another Deeps I pass on the Zombie chicken award

The Zombie Chicken Award

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words.

All of you are free to pass it on at your convenience, there are no set rules from me..have fun !!


Nona said...

Congratulations on the new job! It take a whole lot of strength to go back to something you left 13 years ago. Generally perceived as an unlucky number, 13 has always been good to me professionally.

I'm glad you learnt to fax without tearing the machine apart. :)

Thanks a bunch for the award.

ZB said...

actually, people work when they are on the wrong side of thirty. Atleast in my case. Before 30 , i was all fooling around, pataoing every other girl in i have a goal, a dream and plans of retirement when i am 45....yes, i would retire from work life by 45 and enjoy life fooling around, once again. But till 45, i gota make a fortune..............CONGRATS FOR THE AWARD, and the woinners..:))))

Zeba said...

Haha. I loved your conversation with "him" and the fax machine. It must be great getting back to work after 13 long years. Mum started working 7 years back after me and my siblings were old enough to take care of ourselves.

Guruprasad said...

congrats on the new job...

and i hope you're having as much fun as i think you are! :)

Yword said...

Hi Sujata
Cool. Good you did decide to work. Am looking at starting again too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Loved reading this as usual -esp about the fax machine :)

Aparna said...

Great going girl!I knew you had it in you. Whats a fax machine when you have already tackled more major issues in life. I am so glad 'he' helped you out.
Now only if I could find a damn job here. It's been 13 years for me as well.

BK Chowla said...

I appreciate your confidence level.All the best

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job dear. Looks like you are really having fun.

I am missing work already. But I am not admitting it anywhere. :) I am sure I will start to desperately look for a job after the allotted rest period of 6 months....;)

I liked the conversation with the HE. Kinda reminds me of some of mine on similar grounds with a certain HE....

अनिल कान्त : said...

नयी नौकरी के लिए बधाई और वो भी 13 साल बाद. आगे के लिए शुभकामनाएं. आपकी पोस्ट पढ़कर अच्छा लगा.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

“What does a slow and sluggish and a bit of a dimwit female…” This is how you start the piece and it gets repeated a couple of times as well, especially at the end.

Ahem. Do you really have to be this modest and all?

Now tell us in the first place, how does it really feel to start working after 13 looooooong years? My eyes almost popped out when I read that.

Wishing you all the best, may you have a great time at work.

I’ve replied to your comment to my last post. Hope you’ll read that.

I don’t know what’s the problem. My blog doesn’t show it when you update, however a visit to ‘Extremity’ alerted me.

Hope work won’t hamper you from updating regularly.

Babli said...

My heartiest congratulations to your for your award.
It seems like you are having a great time. I liked the conversation very much. Wish you all the best.

Pradip Biswas said...

Aparna Cograts forthe new job. But to me it appears to be a story rather than true life happening. May you please clear my doubt.

Bhavya.B said...

Congrats on your new job...Loved the post...hope office has lots of fun in store for you...

R. Ramesh said...

congrats on your new assignment..hey to thank u yaar..for the award..sweet of wishes always..

Shivi said...

Congrats Di for your new job!You already multi-task so well...this job is just another one and you can handle it perfectly. I am so sure of it. Keep writing about your novel gives energy to sm ppl like me smtyms ;)

Meira said...

All right. Way to go :)

Sujatha said...

Best wishes with the job. Must be something else, to go back to an office after 13 years! Enjoy the experience!

Have had a great summer - hopefully will get around to posting about it. Right now feels good to get back in touch with everyone and see how they're doing. Thank you for missing me. :) You're a doll!

Suraj said...

This is hilarious, i cantstop laughing.This reminds me of my air travel as a kid, almost after 20 mins of take off i had this doubt whether the plane is moving,i did the simplest thing asked the uncle sitting next to me "Why has the plane stopped"

Jokes aside, i feel it takes lot of courage to go back and work after such a long gap,way to go !

Protege said...

Glad you got a new job; all beginnings are rough.;)
Congratulations on your awards as well.;)
And I can see your soul is connected to fall too.;)

Spike said...

Congratulations! Celebrations!
You are back in the daily grind! Will there be THAT post where you have to pack lunch and rush to office only to find you have two different coloured shoes on?

My friends wife delivered their 2nd baby and she has taken a 2 year sabbatical. She is already bored out of her skull! Itching to get back behind the desk and make some decisions! :P

Award? Inspirational? Me? ha ha ha ha ha - now thats a first! Let me grab it before you take it back from me :P

Congratulations again and thanks! Do lemme know where n where did I inspire u? But only after u finish work :-)

Am happy 4 u...

Rush said...

me loves the "no rules" bit.
Firstly congrats & cheers on ur new addon portfolio.
but why does the damn boss ask u to fax for him, no personal assistantgirri.LET HIM FAX HIS OWN PAPERS!!
this is ekdum desi culture, the boss doesnt fax, xerox or print??!!!???

I am one pollutant, aint I?
But wat the not like ur boss!

Rush said...

what does Dariye aacho tumi amaar gaane r opare mean?

im going for a dussehra fest soon, would love to learn some bangla and show off ;)

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! That was hilarious! I can imagine the smirk on the 'He's face when u asked him where to find the glass! :D He he!

Btw, there's another award waiting for u on my blog! :D

bluebird said...

Congrats ma'm.

Reading your post I remembered my first call to tech support after my dad had, on an impulse, gone ahead and brought a computer way back in '98.

Suffice to say, I ended up feeling pity for the girl at the other end, who had deal with egg-head after egg-head who had absolutely no idea what this contraption was, and yet wouldn't want to accept the fact either.

Hilarious one!

Nazish Rahman said...

Congrats on your new job...m sure your enjoying!!
This was really funny "like all males I have to chk it out first"...try to believe them!!

Mystic Margarita said...

Congratulations on the new job! Glad you vanquished the fax and other obstacles! Wishing you all the best - you rock! :)

Sakshi said...

Lolz let me laugh my heart out for the Zombie Chicken Award. I don't know why but i can't stop laughing after seeing the zombie chickens...i feel like clucking!! Thanks a ton for even considering my sleepy place for an award.

Aha so you got a job and already working?? That's amazing and now I know who to call in case I get a job and have to figure out using a Fax or it's other hot cousins. I can't even switch on an ipod....give me those old walkman any time...sobs!1

Sumandebray said...

What a joy ride you are having and should I add "At this (ripe old) age!"
Hey! What are you complaining? Don’t you know that Life just start at forty?
You must be elated once you discovered that glass hidden and camouflaged from the world ... much the same as discovering the secret knowledge that one need to add soap in a washing machine or a dish cleaner.

kavita said...

Sujata,this post gives me hope...a lot of has been only 6 yrs for me,though i work on appointments but that's very less ...i wish you find all whatever your expectations are from this job,lucky boss ..he has someone who is as special as you are.Fax,tax comes SUJI(don't get mad at me).

kavita said...

A new job calls for some shopping for clothes,shoes,bags.....

Kavi said...

Fantastic. congratulations on the job and on all the learning. The fax machine included.

Its so inspiring to see you drop the comforts of a romantic novel to jump into the world of 'competencies' and fax machines ! At the same time, balancing the family with that 12.30 lakshman rekha !!!

All the very best to you !! I feel light today, reading this post. And just wish the very best for you !!

And thanks for the award. Although, i wonder what this inspiration bit is all about..!! :)

Ok. I have to go now. i have a fax or two to send !!


sujata said...

@Nona !# is lucky for me too!! I love that number. I almost did a jig in the office when the the machine said"one page sent"!

@ZB I was planning on fooling around the entire life, its the fun part of being a have so many options in life..thanks as of now enjoying work..

@Zeba it was one of many such conversations!!

@Guruprasad thanks for dropping by after a long gap, yes am having fun

@Yword yah starting agin is fun esp when I have nothing to prove anymore..

@Aparna yah baby we got it in us alright!why dont you ask your 'he' for a job for starts..

@BK Chowla thank you Sir

@Jyothi thanks , i actually didnt know it will feel so great, I thought it would be hectic and I would be harried and all that..but enjoying it as of now.. lets hear about your "he" soon

@Anil thanks a lot for your wishes, I have not been to your blog for quite sometime, today being a weekend here will visit your page and read all the pending posts.

@Arun Meethale Chirakkal slow and sluggish and the rest of it means a tubelight!! got it? Hey I am a tubelight when it comes to the practicalities of life..that and butterfingered..but am thankfully past the age where I have to act smart and deny am enjoying being what i am. 13 long years passed in a jiffy actually, didnt miss working at all, and am lucky that the moment I started to feel a bit lonely this job happened. Your best wishes are really appreciated, always look forward to your comments..pls get the update thing fixed!!am sure its easier than that blasted faxing machine

@Babli thank you for the wishes

@Pradipda I am sujata, aparna is my cousin. Thank you for writing in. This is 100% real the last post was a fiction in two parts.

@BhavyaB. Thanks dear.

sujata said...

@Ramesh thanks for the wishes buddy. so how was the party?did you take the poor fellow along or did you enjoy all by yourself?

@Shivi thanks sweetheart, yah i inspire people..because they think if this dimwit can do it..why cant we!! hahha

@Meira thanks

@Sujatha yah quite an experience, welcome back ands looking forward to many posts from you now.

@Suraj thanks, its only because of friends like you..I gave it a shot, really appreciate all the help!!

@protege thanks, yah I am connected to the fall as well, I quite like the fall, so am happy. Thank you for the wishes..must add here as well the horses were awesome!!

@Spike you are an inspiration to have left the west and started working in India, if nothing else thats pretty inspiring?kem?sachi waat?

Rush its sexual harrasment nahi? asking a female to send a fax/ I thought of saying that once..maybe next time I am asked to do something I cant figure out I will scream harrasement!!Keep pepping me up with those ideas of yours.

The line on the header is a rabindrasangeet, translated it would mean," you are standing just beyond my reach, my songs and my prayers reach you, but I cannot..not yet"

@Kaddu another award wow!! am I lucky or what! thanks dear, will hop across soon. am glad I made you laugh..the last post was quite heavy!!

@Bluebird I accept very quick,but an egg head no doubt,the best part is that now after 13 years and the added age and girth its a pleasure to work as unlike before, I have no longer the need to prove myself anymore, so its a lot less pressure. Enjoying that part and taking stuff light!

@NR believe a male!! you must be joking! thanks for the wishes am glad you enjoyed the post.

@Mystic Margerita thanks for dropping by and wishing me well. Do visit again

@Sakshi cluck cluck cluck!!! I am technology can very well understand your plight with an ipod..i dont even try to operate anything more serious than a tv remote even the remote for the home theater is beyond me..i like simple things like a button to rotate for volume, and I thought these machines intended to make life simple..its easier to send a guy and deliver a letter than to fax it..what happened to couriers and postal service??

@SumanDebRay 13 bochor biye hoye geche..tai pan pan ghan ghan korata has become second nature!!fax jacchena ki korbo? glass ta abar ki? keno?kothaye? you must be getting the picture..thank god I knew soap is required in these machines..did I just climb up a bar on the IQ test?? You are yet to read the story I think!!

@Kavita yayyyy!! shoppping for pujo has started and I did a bit for work as on a roll, thats the best part of working get to dress up and leave, put on the lipstick, get the bag and lets go!! Thanks dear, am sure its difficult for you being a doctor and not into regular practise..but theres a time for everything and am sure this time is being well spent at home with the kids..when the time is right will go back to work! isnt it?

@Kavi are you being modest or are you serious? You are inspiration!!Its a simple fact. thanks for wishing me well, yah the book lies unfinished yet..nothing like a romance in between serious stuff!(I meant reading) So how was the aniv celebrations yesterday?

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Actually there was a selfish element in that. I was just worrying what would I call myself if someone like you who writes so beautifully with an uncanny ability to explore the many sides of life calls herself, sluggish, dimwitted etc etc? However, whatever butterfingered or clumsy you claim to be, don’t dare to eye that coveted number one slot, at least till I’m dead and gone. That’s mine.

Have you ever been told that you’re sluggish? Once I’d been. It was at a viva voce during the last of my academic adventures. I knew that it was just a formality and my result hadn’t much or anything at all to do with that. One person among the faculty, whom I regarded as a show off, was keen on dragging me into a heated debate and I always expressed myself in either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to all his baits. At last - fed up - he gave up, saying this; “you’re sluggish and indifferent.” I just loved that.

If I start narrating my countless blunders dealing with day to day life it may take days on end to finish them. Enjoy your days at work. Yes, I need to do something with the update thing. But again, my tech quotient is pretty low. LOL!

Destiny's child... said...

Firstly, congrats for your new job. :)Great to know that you are learning newer things by the day (or by the hour?)
I found the 'boss n you' and 'guy n you' conversation really funny.
Btw, I am one of those multti taskers who blogs, works and does other random things at the same time...;)

Mustaf said...

First Congrats!! And second, that was a hell of a funny story!! That 'glass" incident was the most hilarious one:-)

Keep sharing with us your those other "wow" moments..:P

PURN!MA said...

U saw that the was in french AND you Dint think of me?? How mean!! I'm soooo angry with you now!! hmmmph! x-(

:P BTW your working woman now?? Cool! Lady, way to go!! I'l blog some of my office stuff too. :)

PURN!MA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neha said...

congratulations for ur new job and awards feels odd to say this, as I am not regular here (second visit...first one was for that short story)...I quite liked the way you played with words here...the situations are portrayed beautifully too...a very different kind of wit comes across in this post...good one :))

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh yay...a new adventure and new phase of life! Can't wait to hear more of your journey! I haven't had to fax something in ages. I used to do a handful of faxes every day. Who knows what all has changed in the last few years, though!

So sorry I've been missing from blogland lately. I got your note and thank you so much. I posted today about how I pledged to give up blogging for the month. It's giving me some time to re-evaluate my schedule and priorities. This is a good thing. :)

I'm just hopping around to you and a very few other friends (who I don't have email addresses for) to say I'll be away from reading and writing for the rest of the month. But I'll be thinking of you, as always. I can't wait to see what all you're writing through September. It's always so beautiful!

Hugs n' kisses (or xoxo),


sujata said...

@Arun there are many like us..and we are better off than the forever remembering, high alert and never dropping anything on the floor people,I am telling you these people miss out on all the fun, they are never amazed and have no wow moments..coz they knew it all anyways!! I would not trade my silly self for theirs even for a day!! Having said that, I have been told all of the above adjectives by not one but many people..including my husband does try to point at times towards this direction..but I wont take that crap from him now will I? Its good to be low somewhere..then the only place to go is high right!!

@destiny's child wow multi tasker!! You deserve an award for this.

@Mustaf thanks a lot, am glad you enjoyed. Welcome to this page and hope to see you around again

@Purnima now I am biting my nails again..really I should have thought of you, actually closer home I should have thought of my daughter too..she is learning french..but then had I been so alert and savvy, I would have known to do the faxing too right..its all a package sweets!!

Gayathri said...

What would i tell you about work experiences?? :O i'm yet to be one !!! :D..
Glad to know that you are enjoying the work!! :) ..and congrats for the award!

Deeps said... could fax!!!
Congratulations on your job,Sujata and good luck with your writing!dont you even think abt taking a break from blogging but!!

finally,thank you ever so much for the award.I'm truly honoured!will put it up on my page soon :)


महफूज़ अली said...

Congratulations..... and I found ur blog gud n interesting.......

Thanx to to sweep me to ur blog......


R. Ramesh said...

where party yaar? office timings r such stupid..for all these 25 years i ahve not seen evening sun as i always get trapped at office working in dailies yar..anywy hope one day we will be partying with u and mr sujata at oman..what say?

sm said...

congrulations on new job

Latte said...

lol! Loved the post! I had kind of a similar experience a few years back..Was it the photostat machine?? Hmm not sure...some machine any way..
So congrats on learning the technique of faxing and yea, on getting a job!!

Oc said...

Hearty congrats for the job !
cudn't keep myself laughing about 'swallowing pride' . I experienced the same when I got into the job ...still happening when I do a new thing ..but still happy about the reputation & sal. that comes along with a job ;) ..
go ahead..all the best!

sujata said...

@Neha thanks dear, you are welcome to this page, You were the first to submit the story..didnt read it then as I didnt want my story to get influenced, and then got so drained after writing my bit..that didnt have the enrgy to blog hop. Now will go and read your story

@Shaye enjoy your time away from the internet, am doing a bit of that as well.. you have my id now

@Gaythri..genius girl you will make ppl complexed at the workplace better stay home

@Deeps hows the vacation coming along? yayyy I sent the faxes!! I wish I can post another yayy!! I got my license post soon too.

@Mahfooz Ali thanks for dropping by, please do come again

@Ramesh you are most welcome, actually its easier for you to come here than for me to travel to come over and MR SUjata would be more than happy to party with you.

@sm thanks

@Latte similar experiences..we all have some dont we..I was totally a fish out of water that day..its getting better slowly

@Oc yah yah reputation and all is very imp..we can just swallow the pride..only in one place right?

The Holy Lama said...

I went back full time after 10 years and the best thing is that you feel ten years younger. Welcome to the young women's club

Deeps said...

hey...balle balle!!u got ur license!!!!
vacation is going great,Sujata...I'm supposed to be on a blog-break..but I just cant seem to stop myself..hence hopping as and when I'm able to :D

Ajit Ray said...

Good to hear that you are having a ball at your workplace.

gaelikaa said...

Wow, congratulations. I'm a SAHM and I tried a bit of nursery school teaching (for the English, you know?) a few years ago but found I didn't get any satisfaction out of it so I left. I was knackered all the time and the pay was lousy (Rs.1500 per month!) Anyway, good for you, you got something halfway decent. I was looking at your photos and your little boy looks just like my nephew when he was that age. Funny isn't it. Well best of luck. And thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love reading your comments!

deeps said...

haaa thats so very kind and sweeeeet of you...
thaaanks you...
since there is no bird flue scare i can enjoy that one haha

numerounity said...

I loved the title itself- Dariye aacho tumi aamar gaane re opare... Nice dedication but to whom?

There is something magical about R Tagore' poetry...and susceptible about the so called multi tasking!

Good post..thoroughly enjoyed!

Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...

All best for your new job. Since you have managed to keep your humour intact after two weeks of it, I am sure you would love it. Do keep writing, one is a freak today if one cannot "multitask"!

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

I don’t know what it means. But still I can feel the music in these lines “Dariye aacho tumi aamar gaane re opare...” What does it mean? Is it by Rabindranath Tagore? By the way, how’s things? Hope you rock at work.

Anonymous said...

I should file this post so I will now how to work the fax machine after the years of being home with my kiddos :). Good luck to you on the new venture!

onlooker said...

Hi! just dropped by, and loved your blog. the content and the style! :) congrats on the new job. could relate well, me too started late, and enjoying every bit of it! has its ups and downs..

Rajesh said...

Congratulations and welcome back to the job. You will get used to this in a while.

mathew said...

congrats on the new work and for the awards too..i think it means lot of guts to get back to a workplace after a gap of 13 years!! kudos to that...

sujata said...

@The holy lama thanks yah we should form a club and bitch but the bosses. I realise how much I missed that about worklife, you know the gals grping up and having those venting sessions!!

@Deeps hey I didnt say i got my license, said I wish i could do such a post for the license too...yuk yuk yuk

@Ajit thanks am coming of age what say bhanja???

@Gaeliika my son looks like your nephew..does he? thats a nice coincidence, we cant forget each other than can we? getting bk to work and the regular grind is good in a way, its making me more organised even at enjoying so far...i cant teach to save my didnt even try that.. Thanks for the lovely comment, enjoyed it.

@Deeps no bird flu/swine flu in that award..its frisked and its clean enjoy!!

@Numerounity thanks for your wishes, the dedication is to the goddess herself..shes just beyond my reach na?

@Santanuda Am afraid to think where I would be without the that stays no matter what, and am a self as well as friend proclaimed freak so that stays as well, the best apart of working now is theres nothing left to just having a good time, unlike 13 years ago. Thank you for wishes sir

@Arun Meethale Chirakkal The lines mean"You are standing just beyond my reach, on the other side of my songs, my melodies reach you, but somehow I fail..." Its a tagore song can be used as a prayer as well as a love song..depending on whom you address it too, its lovely, youi must hear it on youtube sometime. Thanks for asking me about the days of work..its fun till now

@The things we carried thank you so much for the wishes..yah we need to form a ladies club against all techie stuff

@onlooker thanks and welcome to my page. It sure has its moments doesnt it? Do come again.

@Rajesh thanks a lot for the wishes, hope i get the hang of things soon.

@mathew it did take a lot of energy in the first place to actually get up from the slouch and the comforts of late mornings and idle romances to get ready for work..but am okay now, even enjoying it. thanks for the boost buddy

JD said...

:-) thats a good one.. and hey i like the pic of Ma Durga that u've put up..

R. Ramesh said...

came to c yr latest post..but can wait..know u busy..thanks for dropping by...

KParthasarathi said...

Nice to note you are gainfully occupied.It is an interesting writeup.
It is ages since you visted my blog.

Pesto Sauce said...

Good you got a job even in these bad are things otherwise in Oman?

R. Ramesh said...

suji..that guy has now moved to bahrain..if he was in oman i would have asked him to join u..u could have had a taste of irresponsible colleagues...hehehe

Rush said...

so wats the big plan for dussehra?

The abstract scientist said...

Good luck with your new Job! You will be great in it!

Bindhu Unny said...

Congrats, Sujatha. Enjoy!

Reflections said...

Hehe cd relate to the fax machine bit of ur post so well...atleast u asked ur boss upfront. I cdnt bear to show I didnt know & called up 3 of my friends to find out it worked;-D

Double-Dolphin said...

I've been working in the same place for 7 years and I still haven't figured out our fax machine!

ani_aset said...

congrats for the job ...nice that you figured out how to fax :D

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Visiting this post after a month, hope you are an expert now!! kudos to your confidence!! Cheers Sujata

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Congrats on your new job!

Ahem! I am over 30 too (35 to be exact)...and I blog, email, and fax at work!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Rakesh said...

here are wow moments almost everyday, there are busy friends who stop in their tracks to reach out and help, there are the kids who look proud that their momma is working like most of their friend's moms
yur post give me strength and may i can get help from yur words to change my life ...thankig u for sharing this post ....thanx

日月神教-向左使 said...