Thursday, September 17, 2009

When the Goddess comes home..

A huge house, adorned with pillars. Blue wooden shutters charmingly interrupting the vastness of the white walls. A garden that is resplendent with flowers and foliage, a sky that is an unspoilt blue, the clouds white and fluffy, the laughter of girls, the tinkling of trinkets as feet run from one room to another followed by gentle admonishing of the elders, a perfect setting for spending the upcoming Durga Pujo.

The inner courtyard is being washed, the veranda surrounding it opens to various rooms, at the moment all occupied by family that gathers every year during Pujo, the uncles the aunts, the children who have grown from snot flowing, rib showing, naked boys and girls into responsible young adults, still carrying their peculiar childhood names though. They are cousins together for a week of homecoming. The small kitchen adjoining the courtyard is busy since the early hours of dawn. Meals are being prepared, tea is being made, vegetables fresh and green lying in careless abandon, there are aunts with their easy gaiety sorting and cutting them, placing the cut vegetables in big copper vessels filled with water, instructions flow as to what is to be made for lunch, a special request for a particular dish, anecdotes remembered, easy banter, laughter flowing from the kitchen into the courtyard to merge with the excited voices of the sons of the house, brothers gathered from all over the world for a week of homecoming.

Trays of tea and biscuits, men ranging from the age of 30 to 60 or more, in white cotton pyjamas and plain shirts, sitting around reading a newspaper, one of them humming in a soft but audible voice the tune of a favorite Rabindrasangeet that they had all learnt as kids.Each doing his own stuff, an easy silence with a palpable bond. This is the house where they grew up, where they studied and taught each other, The house where they married and brought their wives, the house that saw their children, the house that saw the deaths of their parents, the house they decided to keep coming back to every year for Pujo.

The two storeyed house has a room on the terrace. A favourite haunt of all the cousins. As kids they ran to this room after their crimes, none of the elders had the stamina to follow them up there, so they felt safe, since those early days this room has become a part of them, a confidante, a fellow conspirator, it has listened quietly to them talk about their plans of stealing pickles from the kitchen cabinets, about the jaunts to the pond to float a few paper boats while the elders nap, it has smiled silently at the mention of their boyfriends, it has listened to them discuss career options, it has been an island of calm in an otherwise chaotic house. Apart from Minoti di (the maid) none of the elders come here. The room opens to a huge terrace overlooking a pond full of water lillies and a field beyond. Standing here you can see the rail tracks and as children the count of how many trains went past was an interesting game, now though the trains still pass , they are usually overlooked, the water lillies are in focus more now. The boys come up here for a smoke or two, Minoti di takes care of the cigarette packets lying in the room, she doesn't have to be told anything, she knows these kids since they were born, shes almost as old as the house, the living arm of it.

Today is very special, the mothers are all fasting, the courtyard looks beautiful with the alpona(designs made on the floor with a paste of rice flour and water), the goddess is coming home today, It is shoshti (the first day of Durga Pujo). As kids the cousins eyed the fresh narus(small balls made with freshly grated coconuts and jaggery) that were made on this day, now as young men they are busy adorning the Goddess with jewellery, and the girls..well they have to think about their jewelleries right? This is the only time of the year they deck themselves up in beautiful muslin and antique gold jewellery, narus will have to wait. There is a spring in the step today, a roar in the air, Pujo has begun. The dhakis have come, the dhunuchis (a smoking mixtures of camphor, incense, tinder and coconut husk) are ready, the purohit is here, the brothers are still in their white cotton pyjamas and plain shirts, their wives in beautiful sarees of white and red look so perfectly mismatched to them, but its always been like this, the young girls are a sight to behold and the young boys busy with what they say is their 'barir pujo'!

I can so easily lose myself in this house, this is a very common picture to all Bengali families who have had Durga Pujo in their own homes, the days take flight, the nights full of chit chat, the early morning gathering of flowers, the 5am baths, the naividyas and the proshad, the chandan(sandalwood paste) and the bel pata(bel patra are the leaves of the wood apple tree offered for Pujas), the sudden sighting of a good looking bloke, the unconscious re arranging of the hair, the nudging, the teases, the smiles..its all a part of each one of us, isn't it? And when we bid adieu to the Goddess after those 5 days, we bid adieu to all this as well, like her, we go back to our daily grind, with the faith that "asche bochor abaar hobe!" Yes, we will get back again next year and every year following that!!


Spike said...

that was a lovely description! I felt like I was taken on a tour guide and was part of the Durga Pooja celebrations! liked the way you made everyone grow up from being children to adults.....

Pradip Biswas said...

Sujata You reminded me of the Durgapuja that stiil we celebrate at our village home. This remains open only for a fortnight. People keep on coming all are bllod related. This becomes like a "Biyebarri".

Babli said...

You have described so nicely and beautifully that I felt as if I have reached at Puja pandal. As there are very few Indians in Townsville so there will not be any Durga Puja infact other than us there are no Bengali family except 2-3 students who are studying at James Cook Univ. We will be missing Durga Puja of Muscat very much. Here we will not be able to know when Puja will start and will get over. Are you all going to Kolkata during Puja?

Hopeless Romantic said...

my sis is in Kol after marriage...and every yr sends amazing pics of durga pooja....may be one day i want to be there during this time...


The Holy Lama said...

Amaake Khoob Bhalo
Well that is as much Bengali I know. But we have had Bengali family friends and in Bhilai where I grew up there is a large Bengali population and we used to have three or four pandals each vying for the pomp and gaiety. I remember the drums, the aunties in their best wear and the bhog. I miss those good old days. Thanks for the vivid account.

Shivi said...

"asche bochor abaar hobe!"- what an epitome of anticipation. This is like beckoning of new lights! Great words...happy durga puja to you and your family! :)

Protege said...

Very interesting post to me, who knows close to nothing about the traditions of your origin.
You have a gift of story telling, this would be lovely to be read out loud.

Kavi said...

And i have been having conversations with friends here about Pujo !

The pandal thats comming up close to home has been very interesting. And i have been catching on everything including Mahalya (is that how you say that ?) and such else.

Its been a delight. Will post too !


Suraj said...

I cant relate much to durga pooja as its not celebrated at home but then i remember going to one huge pandal in bombay with a huge statute of durga ma, even then i was amazed by the power in her eyes.

Its been long since i really have celebrated a festival with lots of people around me... hope to celebrate soon !

Sujatha said...

All of our family events are so similar, no matter where in India you're from. Took me back home, this post.

Nona said...

Glad that you are still writing in spite of the hectic scheudle! :)

Durga Purgo reminds of me of my friend who lived in a Bengali dominated community. Everytime, I called my friend, there were drum beats and also songs in the background!

ZB said...

thats a lovely description. But somehow i missed all that, for the reason that my dad being in army we were traveling all through my childhood, away from Native. When we finally came back i was in 11th and soon after 12th again i moved out into a hostel. Sad.....And now again living in this desert....For me festivities is more a "read somewhere thing". Nice reading this.

KParthasarathi said...

Brought nostalgic memories of my long years in Kolkata.It is a very lively description of the mood and ambience during these days in Bengal.Thanks

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Just came hopping by and wow what a surprise post I got. It was awesome. I was born and brought up in calcutta and how I loved the pujos.Not a bengali though but still I was so very much excited at the very mention of it and I am so enthusiastic about each and every thing that hapeens. The energy the vibrance the rythm of dhakis the asthami pushpanjali. I miss so much of them. Thanks for making my day for writng such a lovely post. I could actualy feel like I went back to my old days:-)keep writing.

BK Chowla said...

WB must be in festive mood for Durga Pooja.I have attended only one such Pooja when Mithun Chakaborty came to Delhi at Chitranjan Park celeberations.
All the best.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Vow! Beautiful. A perfect trip down memory lane without being mushy at all. Do you still go to your ancestral home to celebrate Durga Puja? I’ve heard a lot about how deeply Durga is etched in every Bengali’s psyche irrespective of ideological leanings. I forgot what it was, but sometimes ago in a write up about Charu Majumdar, the naxal leader, I read about this. This deep connection Bengalis maintain with Goddess Durga.
Wish you a happy Durga Puja

Ajit Ray said...

Nicely written but maybe you could have tried out a different narrative style, it read awfully similar to something you had written before which I cannot recollect at the moment..

Aparna said...

I was expecting some personal experiences when I opened the page. Thought you would write about your childhood memories of Durga Puja or even some daily happenings of the one in Jhargram.
There are so many beaitiful memories associated with the Puja, you need more than one post.

Ugich Konitari said...

I have never been in Kolkata during Durga Puja, but this was wonderful ! felt like I was there, and also took me back to the family celebrations during the Ganesh festival (in Pune)of my childhood, (50 years ago). The ethos, the family participation, the atmosphere would be the same. Thank you for posting this !

sujata said...

@Spike This time of the year is such a joy for me, I can almost smell the Pujo in the air!

@Pradipda My husband's family has their barir pujo going strong for the last 250 years. It was initially in dhaka, but after partition they settled in jhargram and it continues there in its full glory even today.

@Babli I am sure you will miss the pujo this year, kaal ke mohaloya r program chilo in Muscat, it was quite good, onek baccha ra perform korlo which is a great thing.

@Hopeless Romantic yes calcutta does take on a fervour of its own during the pujos, but because I have stayed very little in Cal myself, I identify more with the pujo thats celebrated at home, like I described here, and also to an extent with the pujos that are celebrated in other parts of the country where we have bhog and performances and its more a social thing, places like delhi, baroda, bhopal and the likes have great pujos

@The holy lama you know good bangla..hahha tomar bangla khoob bhalo..but festivities at home in whichever part of the world is actually the getting together of the family..which is an universal feeling..I think thats identifiable.

@Shivi I love the cry of Durga mai ki....jai, when we say it out loud, i feel energised!! and the dance on the visarjan day to the dhaaki and singing asche bochor abar actually the faith that life is on full throttle!!

@Protege I know it must have been difficult for you to get the complete picture, i did try to make some phrases and words linked to wikipedia, but was not completely successful, was looking for more pictures as well..but couldntr go far there either, am happy you still liked it.

@Kavi yesterday we had a mohaloya celebration here, this is the end of pitri paksha and we welcome the matri paksha on this day, to me I see it as the day the godess wraps the kids, puts the bags in the van and says bye to her hubby and takes the flight from the himalayas and starts for India..thats what mohaloya has always meant to me!! Post soon, am missing India.

@Suraj this is nothing different than your mami and mom waking up early in the morniong to make the onam sadhya while all you cousins are busy playing and the serious ones are getting the flower rangoli done..thats what it is..the coming together of the family in the ancestral home for good times!! Infact your description of your ancestral home is the inspitration behind the setting here!

@Sujatha I agree 100% on this.

@Nona I have noticed that you have not been multi tasking for some time now!! hope all is well.

@ZB feeling low? its bad not getting to celebrate the festivities with your near and dear ones..I can understand that, and when you are with your loved one every day is a festival of sorts!! hope your wife and kid join you soon!

@KParthasarathi its been ages that you have been here, I am so happy to see you on my page again, I almost thought I had lost a very valuable reader.

@Butterfly thoughts welcome to my page. Am happy that the narration took you back to a period in your life that you have left behind. From your comment its obvious you have a great blog too, will hop over at the soonest. Do come back again

@BK Chowla yes calcutta is like a new bride during this time, the pandals are lovely, the craftsmanship worth praise.

@Arun Meethale Chirakkal, since i am in muscat I have not been able to go home during the pujos, as there are no holidays during that time, and to take a months holiday meansd a lot of missing out on school, exams !! but the pujo is on in full glory at home and we are on the phone all the time listening to it all

@Ajit ray you must be talking about the celebrate your faith writeup

@Aparna one post is definitely not enough. will do another on visarjan maybe..

@Ugich Konitari welcome to this page!! I am so happy to see you here, i read your verses on kavi's comment page and get awed by your skill all the time. I am just to happy to have you commenting here,I want to say yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank you very much.

Gymnast said...

And finally iam back.I hope i was missed. Feels good to read your familiar well-felt lines...was like drinking hot chocolate. Warm , happy and soft.

Wonderful description as usual . I travelled with the lines.

Bhavya.B said...

Wow, I 've heard of Durga Pooja celebrations that take place in Bengali homes.This was a nice account of it .Expecting more in the coming weeks.

kavita said...

Happy Pujo...we too are gearing up ,expecting a house full of guests for the next two weeks or so...just had Mahalaya mishtis with few relatives..i could feel the smell of dhuna while reading your posts,your writing has such power...we celebrate our pujo in Shillong where it is a very big affair,this pujo i will pray for you too..

Rush said...

lovely post...thou i dont relate to durga puja much,u caught me in mystically wonderful those 5 days are!!!
i loved and adored minoti di...loved ur describe on her.

प्रसन्न वदन चतुर्वेदी said...

अच्छी प्रस्तुति....बहुत बहुत बधाई...
मैनें अपने सभी ब्लागों जैसे ‘मेरी ग़ज़ल’,‘मेरे गीत’ और ‘रोमांटिक रचनाएं’ को एक ही ब्लाग "मेरी ग़ज़लें,मेरे गीत/प्रसन्नवदन चतुर्वेदी "में पिरो दिया है।
आप का स्वागत है...

Nazish Rahman said...

Its a lovely festival. You described it perfectly. M from Kolkata and ya its an awesome experience during the Puja's. Visiting pandals and being with friends and i love bengali sweets.

Happy Durga Puja!!

Anonymous said...

Have I told you I am fascinated by your culture? Beautiful description of family gathering.

प्रसन्न वदन चतुर्वेदी said...

good post.....

Gayathri said...

Hey that was lovely..have never been to bengal,and been always intrigued by the durga puja it is famous for..but how come u start celebrating it so early?dussera started only yday nA?

Destiny's child... said...

Amazing description Sujata.
I could see everything. The house, the cousins, the secret room...just everything. You gave life to what you described. I have never been to a durga puja. Reading your post was as good as being there. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful pujo experience. :)

numerounity said...

I welcome the lord, the goddess Durga with all my love and affection. May the Goddess this year brings love, peace and prosperity to our hearts!


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Loved the post down memory lane. those festive times of the year were truly wonderful.

And hope you continue in your new job. Sounds like fun.

sujata said...

@Gymnast quite a long break!! what happened? thanks for liking the post.

@BhavyaB. thanks dear, will write on the visarjan soon hopefully.

@kavita thanks for keeping me in your prayers. Happy Pujo to you and your family too, have a good and fun filled time.

@Rush Minoti di is quite a character, she needs a post of her own.

@Prasanna Vadan Chaturvedi thanks for dropping by, will surely visit your page soon

@NR I love everything about calcutta food apart from the sweets, I love non Bong sweets much much more, the dry kinds, barfis, laddoos, you name it..amongst cal food, I love the phuchkas, the churmurs, the rolls, the kati kababs..too many actually.. Happy eid NR, here we are the only country who starts eid tmrw as no where from this country the moon could be sighted last night, the rest of the arab world celebrates eid today.

@The Things we carried you must visit India once, bring jane along, you will love it..will remind you of your emerald city.

@Gayathri yes the day I posted was mohaloya, we celebrate the agomoni of the devi on that day, meaning the devi begins her descent upon marks the begining of the Pujo season so to say.. the first day of the actual celebration of Durga Pujo begin on the 24th of this month.

@Destiny's child am happy I could reach out to all of you who never had the pujo experience first hand. It means a lot to me to be able to do that.

@numerounity how many new dresses sweetheart? Am sure you are missing the city too..are you in cal now?

@Sucharita Sarkar I miss it all too, very much.

Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...

A fascinating account of a Bengali joint family home, and a festival. I saw it happening before my eyes.

Sumandebray said...

I am feeling a bit of Puja sickness....
But it is quite a bit of fun to be in the Muscat Puja (if you are a member of the Bongiyo samaj .. sadly thats a pre-requisite)
I have been a active part of three pujas of Muscat and have abandoned Ma Durga and the temple with all others every evening to head for the Indian School auditorium... I guess nothing much must have changed! It was not anything like the puja back home but in my experience that was the next best thing that could happen!
Liked you post

sujata said...

@Santanu da thank you

@Suman Debray yah we are very much a member, infact hubby is a commitee member, Were you in CES here?

Antarman said...

your post brought back the memories of Durga pooja in Bengal...used to be the best time ...go out with friends, there were many fetes, competitions and then dressing neighbour had 3 girls, and they used to be so excited all the time and after the sindoor khela..they will be so sad that will keep lying down or cry even.

Double-Dolphin said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant post!!!

ani_aset said...

happy durga pooja :D what elaborate description lovely :)

Mustaf said...

This was awesome reading..the descriptions were enriched with so minute details that I could feel myself in those old houses. I was always fascinated about those two storied houses having long barandah specially in north Kolkata, those joint families, have seen so much of them in old Bengali films, that I always feel attached to it somehow...


Anek din por apnaar blog-e elam abar... Majhe kichudin nijer blog thekeo dure chilam... But I am back now! :)

Its a wonderful post you have put up... Absolutely loved it!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Very nice. I was there in that house for a while. Thank you for bringing in the feel of Durga Puja into our hearts.

Happy Durga Puja to you and family.

Pesto Sauce said...

I always found Durga Pooja pandals to be full of life

And I admire the community celebrations and bonding

Oc said...

Hai suj,

howz it with the new job n all?
I got an award recently passing to you buddy !!

& yes could you tell me the real meaning of
"Dariye aacho tumi amaar gaane r opare.."
I never thought of it until I had to paste ur blog title in my blog !

sujata said...

I have been extremely tied up the last few days and am extremely sorry for being away unannounced. Will get back into the flow of things shortly...

Mustaf said...


That is understandable, even I have noticed frequency of new posts or the follow up comments email overall have gone down last 1-2 days, so obviously it is festival time :) I am just waiting for people like you, Aparnadi, Sucharitadi to write your post-Puja articles:D

deeps said...

interesting ....
most of your posts have a spiritual touch n color

Akshay said...

Kamonochho, Sujata Di? Kamon Cholche? Glad to come across your blog Didi. You know, the photograph of the house just reminded me of the house that was shown in the Hindi feature film, "Parineeta". Just wanted to enquire whether if it was the same house. It was a pleasure reading your blog and have made up my mind that I'm following your blog from today. Hope you had a lovely Durga Pujo. Lastly, Bhalo Thekho, Didi.

Anonymous said...

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