Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not the best mom..but a mom nevertheless..

I love my kids. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. I love them more than almost anything. They're the most important people in my life. But when the summer rolls around, they need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! My home is in a constant state of disarray (that's a nice way of saying that it looks like the aftermath of a gonu or a phet). And the fighting! Ohmygod, the fighting! They're at each other's throats all day long. I finally locked them outside told them to go outside and kill each other play so I wouldn't have to clean the blood off the carpet hear them anymore. That was all fine until I realized they'd flooded the car park with the fire extinguisher hose. I apologize to the watchman for the river running through the car park and the long red hose slithering like an angry snake on the floor, still gushing water as we talk. Hey, look at it this way, you just had the car park cleaned without any effort. Yay! Sorry (looking down apologetically). I couldn't even get mad at them for flooding the car park because I'd told them to go outside and play and well, they were playing outside. I didn't specifically tell them not to turn the hose into a snake and the car park into a lake.

Now, I love my bond, don't get me wrong. But really? Really??? Boys come up with the dumbest ideas! And not only do they think of stupid things to do, but they don't learn from them! They don't say, "Hmmm, that was a bad idea. I won't do that again." Nope. Instead, they think, "Hmmm, how can I make it more dangerous the next time?" There's always a "next time" with boys. Meanwhile, my daughters and their friends look on in amazement. They're not amazed that my son has managed some fantastic feat, oh no. They're amazed at how seemingly stupid the boys are.

What is it about the male brain? Do they have no concept of danger? Do they just not realize that they're most likely going to be injured? Or do they just not care because any amount of injury or punishment is worth the momentary thrill of flying through the air? I will seriously never understand the male brain. I guess I'll just have to thank them for keeping us females entertained and dumbfounded at the extent of their ummm, daring.

And, in the meantime, there are thirty-two hours and twelve minutes until my house can be cleaned and stay clean for more than twenty seconds, and the kids have some structure back in their lives! Not that I'm counting or anything.


wise donkey said...

Gorgeous picture with title. Please retain it a little longer.

I was in the same situation yday, guests coming over for dinner for krishna jayanthi and the inhouse krishna making a huge mess! and you were absolutely right about the hours to clean vs make the mess.

just wanted to let you know, i haven't still been able to get "how the wheels have turned post" out of my mind. it has a haunting effect:)

Bikramjit said...

Thats boys for you.. here also the schools have reopened after 6 weeks off so i bet a of mommies are heaving a sigh of relief .. I read somewhere "TEAchers are not appreciated, till it RAINS OF FRIDAY".. and no school he heh e

But what will we do if the ydid not do all this .. it will get BOring beleive me he he he :)

Nikita Banerjee said...

Awesome post! I have a nephew who comes up with the coolest of things! :)

Nikita Banerjee said...

Awesome post! I have a nephew who comes up with the coolest of things! :)

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Ha ha ha ha...Don't get me wrong, I'm not being unsympathetic or anything. But I just love the whole thing. I've two nieces. Anyone can tell they are at home by merely looking at the scattered dolls, teddys, and a thousand and one things and the commotion. But when they leave the whole house sinks into unbearable silence. I just experienced it last week.

The Holy Lama said...

Boys try to be helpful too. Like yday, boomboom was at home and he thought of duting the room. And when he felt that dry cleaning is not giving results on lCD screen, he wet the towel and cleaned. Its a wonder that notheing happened:)
Kids- boy or girl- don't try to understand them:)

Balachandran V said...

Wait till they grow up and fly away. Then you will miss all this mess!

arvind said...

this is a beautiful phase..
don't miss it.. just enjoy..
u may surely recollect all those moments later on..

anilkurup said...

As Balan mentioned, you would want all the mess back when they are gone out into the world.

PURN!MA said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... sorry lekin just can't help but laugh! and please now, don't say "you'll know when you have kids" coz that's my mom's patent dialogue!

Would I be guessing correctly if I say, you secretly enjoy their devilism? ;) :P

and amazing header pic! Loved it.

Gymnast said...

Lol..really? Turned the car park into a lake??

I remember the time when my brother set fire to the balcony and me and him tried to bring water in small mugs to douse it and the mother who noticed our suspicious behavior had the shock of her life!

And lovely pic with the that Toshali and bond?

sujata said...

@Wise Donkey The header picture is that of a wadi near Muscat, Oman. I will retain it for some time surely. Yes making a mess takes minutes and cleaning up takes ages, almost like eating takes minutes while cooking takes ages..and both are such thankless jobs!

Thanks once again for complimenting the wheels turned post.

@Bikramjit I know, it will be boring and dull without them..and then I will come up with posts thats talk about that "I am so lonely now" kind of posts here..till then this is my mood..furious!!

@nikita my boy comes up with horrendous ideas, which only him and the likes of him find cool.

@Arun not only do they create mess, they revel in that mess, they find it cool and me ancient. They also are quite spiteful..if i have scolded them a little more than necessary, they know exactly when to embarrass I think the devil is surely having his day in their naughty little minds!! But yeah cant do a single day without them..ironical but true!

@The Holy Lama hahahhahahahahhahha Now i know how funny it is to see others in parenting agony. That was a nice bit of help indeed.

@Bala yah I know where this is coming from!

@Arvind I am sure I will feel the way you say, but only after a few days, the incident is still too raw in mind

@Anilkurup yup then you will see suitable posts on slippers that are not kept awry anymore, and towels that stay on the racks for days on end..and how neat the house is and how lonely I am..till then bear with me please!

@Purnima I love my devils, a bit too much for my own good. Yah and your mom is right..get a kid soon. The header pic is from a wadi in Muscat.

@Jyothi ufff fire good heavens!!

Sakshi said...

I need to check with Aparna, if your kids are really naughty? Toshali looks so angelic but as I am a mom of a boy, am sure you are not exaggerating that part. I just got back my share of fresh air and a clean house as the Brat started school finally after the vacation.

Love the header pic

A said...

Boys vs. Girls=> just wait for some time. Girls will be difficult and play mental games.

Lake at car park=>that is interesting

Clean house with kids=>Impossible goal (my wife says even just with husband)

Clear and live description

KParthasarathi said...

Thoroughly enjoyable post. The thought of you struggling with the two imps make me giggle.Capture them at their worst pranks in your camera.Have more of such fun and you will have nostalgic memories when they grow older

RGB said...

Growing up phase, and like everything else this too shall pass, just that we're going to miss it (awfully!) when they grow up. About the cleaning up, I've got a hubby who adds up to the mess, unless we're expecting some guests!

Each of us our 'best' moms in our own right. And each child - boy or girl, unique (you know what I mean!) in their own way. My elder daughter was such an angel as a baby, but difficult and stubborn and lazy (list is only getting longer) now as a 7 year old. My 2 year old daughter is such a brat, up to mischief every other minute, yet adorable.

Enjoyed your post!

Aparna said...

@ Sakshi, don't believe Sujata when she says Toshali is naughty, she is an angel and almost perfect. An A+ student, plays the piano, draws and paints, name it. and she eats without prodding. But Bond, hmmm, now he is pure devil. Please ask Sujata to blog about the time her husband had to go and rescue Bond from the balcony, he wanted to fly like superman. Or about the time when he got stuck in an elevator all by himself when he was not even high enough to press the buttons.

@ Sujata, the hose idea is just fantastic. I know deep inside you were laughing. At least he doesn't talk about going to the salon to wax his legs... so chill.

Lazyani said...

C'mon Sujata , you at least, have kids to entertain(?) you-- or rather to keep you on your toes:)!!!!!

Great post. The description made me LOL.

Suraj said...

You are the best mom and i am sure if nobody else your kids would agree ! Managing boys are difficult i agree and if your son is a Bond are on to a great challenge ! :-)

Keep writing !

kavita said...

I am all smiles...feel so much better after reading this.Just threw goat's poop and cleaned my pretty crystal bowl and yes my son too .My son had this great idea of decorating our living room .He collected as much as goat's poop he could and filled the bowl with it and was very proud of his work.Right now they are playing Holi with Talcum powder.I understand you completely.sister hug :):)

Love that beautiful picture !

R. Ramesh said...

U seriously never understand the male brain? that's precisely what men have been mentioning about women's mind...come on. ya you would want all the mess back when they are gone out into the world..

deeps said...

Though the most precious things in their life, every mother seems to have same complaints about their kids… haha…
when will they grow up?? (The moms I mean)
I m sure your life will be insipid without those blunders by them, well, the stupid stuff included :P

Dr.Antony said...

A child's natural being is to be naughty and funny as much as they can be.And that is a pleasure we secretly enjoy,while criticizing them.
Probably the most obvious reason for naughtiness is the resentment that children feel when they are thwarted or disappointed. Unfortunately, life is full of disappointments for us all, and since young children's expectations are often exaggerated and their feelings are very strong, they can suffer acutely when disappointments occur. They cannot make allowances for wet days, broken toys, illnesses or other causes of misfortune. Since adults are seen to rule the universe, then adults must be to blame.

Sakshi said...

Ok now I need that post Aparna is talking about. I need to know everything Bond did, so that am at least well prepared for my share of future troubles :)

Destiny's child... said...

Haha...they cleaned the park? I am sure you have no time to sit idle with them around!

Sumandebray said...

Texture of fabric called life.....
Without all these life would have been so bland!

sujata said...

@Sakshi LOL at got your feedback I see, but its not as black and white as that..its actually just black!!

@A thanks I agree with your wife completely

@Partha I will capture in a camera when its my grandkids playing pranks on their of now my hands are full just dealing with them and keeping my head above the water.

@RGB Moms of two unite!!

@Aparna I was laughing but it didnt show thankfully. I was actually mortified facing the watchman as he tried to bring in control that slithering hose.

@Lazyani thanks

@Suraj thanks

@Kavita I was admiring your garden just a day ago when i was going through your post and then I read goat poop!!! My mind just starts ringing..maybe for a little bit of time, I felt actually happy I live in an apartment.... ohhh sister BIG BIG HUGS

@Ramesh you have two daughters na.. and your wife is dealing with them..lets hear what she has to say!

@deeps insipid is ok for sometime

@Dr Antony thanks for dropping by my page. I agree to what you say completely.

@Destiny's child laugh laugh!

@SDR bland is good for some time!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....You now dear, we are gonna miss all these soon. Infact I am already in that stage. The kids actually make more sense than me these days. So enjoy it while you can. Regarding the mess in the house, I reckon that will never much ever grown up they become. (say like me for example) ;)

Nona said...

Cut him some slack. He is providing entertainment for you guys!

sujata said...

Thanks for writing in everybody. happy eid and enjoy the holidays!

wise donkey said...

i think you should have a slideshow of all your header collections. each one is a treat on its own.
unless you are planning to recycle, i would love to seem them as slideshow:)
the wheels still have an impact. more than a situation, for me its a reflection on how to turn the adversity into something better:)

wise donkey said...

i think you should have a slideshow of all your header collections. each one is a treat on its own.
unless you are planning to recycle, i would love to seem them as slideshow:)
the wheels still have an impact. more than a situation, for me its a reflection on how to turn the adversity into something better:)

Indrani said...

Need your help in a contest. Please mail me.

Shivi said...

snake and lake thing was awesome. Kids are creative in mistakes ;D

Oman Images said...

nice one