Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bit of prose, A bit of poetry

At seventeen we are invincible. The world has opened its doors as well as windows to us. The seasons are dewy fresh, high school much more than mere studies, boys are no longer slimy, and we have outgrown our dorky state. It just couldn't get any better. future beckons and the childhood days are not far enough to make us nostalgic. The dreams are young and so is our enthusiasm to fulfill them. Yes, at seventeen the world is certainly at our stiletto feet!

Would not say that we have not a single care.. but usually its peak is the presence of a solitary pimple a week before the school social. Nothing apart from a heart to heart bitching session with a dear friend keeps us awake at nights, parents have suddenly shed their patronizing tones and mellowed, almost become pally, which is a great relief, though still on thin ice, we have started opening up more to there as well the setting looks good. on the verge of leaving the confines of school and entering the freedom of adult life, On the verge of getting a license to drive, On the verge of bunking college to catch a movie, on the verge of earning our own money..Life is an endless field of cherry blossoms.

There's nothing that is beyond reach, nothing that whispers cynicism into our ears, nothing that seems futile, We have time, We are young, We have faith, We are young, We have love, We are young.

The shine in our eyes sparkling the way ahead,
the buds on our cheeks always turning heads
the smile on our lips crushing hearts on the floor
the tilt of the brow let the arrogance soar

Yes at Seventeen we are invincible!!

We are way past Seventeen now.
Most days we feel our age
the burden of life though happy
is still a weight.
Our stance maynot be as tall
Stilettos have taken their toll
there is work and a house to run
kids to be brought up
chores to be done
the buds on the cheek and the tilt of the brow
is a framed picture on the bedside table now
The sparkle of the eyes and the enchanting smile
is the soul of our being, a forever thing
We maynot be Seventeen now
yet to turn heads is an easy thing!!!

The grace of beauty
A mature wine
A woman in her thirties
is simply divine!!