Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unsocial Socialising...

Why do we blog? We love to think, to write, to express in words or pictures our thoughts as well as aspirations. But is that all? What about the urgency we feel to make a post? or the high just after posting? There are anonymous bloggers who get a chance to say what they cannot in public, that bit I can understand, but why us? maybe the lack of funds for getting our thoughts published on paper, as a book. Perhaps the hunger for 'comments', for the number of hits, perhaps the addiction.. I cannot say it is just creativity.. somehow it rings false to me.

The internet has opened vistas of sometimes incomprehensible pleasures, the freedom to chat with long lost friends and make new ones on the way, is addictive beyond doubt. the social networking sites take gossip to extraordinary heights, information has never been so cheap neither so eager.

We learnt Pascal and C++ at school and thought nothing could be as offensive as that wierd TV like object. Kids today grow up downloading Hannah Montana songs and videos onto their orkut profiles. We preferred to run and play, or with adolesence, to walk down to the next block where our friends lived, to sit across, look in the eye and talk. Today my kids prefer to chill in an AC room with just the computer for company and probably a coke! spectacles are doing great business am sure but apart from them, who else is gaining?