Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"I don't want to to leave, I want my friends, my school, I belong here.. I feel at home, please let me stay." Fear of the unknown is not an acquired fear. We are not taught to be apprehensive of change, quite on the contrary, in fact. And yet the above refrain is the most repeated line of my life. I have moved from shore to shore, first it was dad looking for a better life and then it was the husband doing the same. I was told I had a mole under my feet and hence the nomadic life. Destiny wrapped up in a tiny mole at the bottom of my feet. Moved within the country and now beyond it. Have liked some places and adapted to others. Have made friends and let them go, have ended up building walls around me that are porous only to socialise, no more friendships please!! Packed up an entire household and put all the memories onto a cargo. Pots and pets have been left behind along with favourite corners and dear friends.

'Global citizens' is the term today. Stay connected - The World Wide Web has made that possible, distances are insignificant now. I am in touch with friends from my childhood, I know their life almost inside out and so do they. Pictures are exchanged, birthdays are wished with virtual cakes and balloons, even a tiny squabble within the family is shared and made light. Yes, Internet has definitely helped a lot. But it has not given me roots, its just made the traveling tolerable.

Quite a biased post am afraid, but that's my mood today!! Tomorrow will be a different day, a different mood, a different makhtoub..