Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh My God !!!

Have been reading a book called 'The life of Pi' loaned to me by a very dear friend and an avid reader. The book is by far one of the best books I have read in the recent years. Since reading it, I have been itching to write about religion. Have been warned that my blog post will be filled with hate comments.. hahhah, but as an itch cannot be tolerated beyond a limit.. so here goes. Thanks Joyeeta for lending me the book. This one's for you!!

Have grown up listening to tales about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, the multitude of demons or rakshasas, The sheer power of the various avatars, and the beauty of the apsaras. have listened with rapt attention to my grandmother as she chewed on her betel leaf, made pickles, wove sweaters and narrated tale after tale of divine weapons, of curses and boons, of magical palaces and charmed forests. The glory of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, the wrath of Kali, the magic of krishna. Krishna was my chosen God, a true blue He-man, who could play the flute, dance in the moonlight, charm the ladies with his wit and pranks, and could still manage to wreck havoc at the enemy camps. He could easily put James Bond out of business!! Krishna was the most human of the Hindu Gods.

Later being schooled at convents, I was introduced to a different God. A god who looked shy and sad, whose claim to miracle was walking on water, and of curing people of their illnesses. I was surprised as to why was he suffering so much? How can God suffer? bear his own cross? Be pale with a ring of thorns around his head. Where were his divine weapons? Why was he always so sad and so forgiving? Why didn't he punish like my Hindu Gods? My krishna had so many lovers..why not? He was God, whereas, Christ couldn't even acknowledge his love for Mary Magdalene.

The message I had always got from the stories of Krishna was that of 'Karma'. To do your work without expecting results, but to do it with all you got. The message of Christ was that of love, selfless love and sacrifice. To suffer for your believers. Have till date not found any similarities between the two, Krishna awes me with his power and charisma. Christ makes me humble.

Am sure every religion has its own stories, its myths and miracles... but I cant get over Krishna opening his mouth to show the entire Universe to Arjun!! Who could beat that??

I write this without prejudice, and with humility.