Thursday, April 22, 2010

The giving tree

I am sharing a free verse written by Toshali for Earth day.

Oh, giving tree!

Why do you give us shelter

When we burn your leaves?

Why do you give us fruits

When we waste more than we eat?

Why do you give us wood

When we burn it for luxury?

If I were you, giving tree,

I would have emptied my branches of leaves

When these men came looking for shelter,

I would have become un-reachable

To hands that wasted my fruits,

I would have become as hard as a rock

To the wood cutter's axe.

Oh, kind giving tree,

You give us shelter,

You give us fruits,

You let us kill you for our luxury!

So friends remember,

If you cut one tree

Plant two more.

For the new readers, Toshali is my 10 year old daughter.